FAQs on shipping containers

Will my stored items be safe and secure?
Yes, absolutely. Our steel storage units provide excellent durability and protection. You will be the only key holder to your container. Our site is protected by CCTV and has security lighting.

Do I have to notify you when I want to access to my Container?
No. Once you have your agreement/contract you can come and go as you wish. You can access your goods at any time of day or night 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Some companies charge you an access fee each time you want to visit your storage unit – but at Big Greens Self Storage you may visit as often as you choose – FREE of charge. We have no hidden costs.

Do you offer a removal/collection service?
No, this is a self-­storage facility only and we do not collect or deliver goods for you. However we can recommend some off the many removal companies that use our facility.

What happens if I find I need more or less space?
No problem at all. Many of our customers (especially business customers) might find that their storage requirements are seasonal or based upon their own warehouse capacity etc. You can use our space guide to calculate how much space you might require. If you need advice or help with planning your storage solutions just give us a call.

Is there anything I can’t store?
Big Greens Self Storage does not permit the storage of:

  • Explosive or hazardous goods
  • Firearms or ammunition
  • Toxic
  • Pollutants or contaminated goods
  • Compressed gases
  • Petrol or any substance subject to combustion
  • No livestock
  • Flowers or perishable food items

We also do not permit trading from the storage containers. If you have any concerns about the suitability of any article for storage we will be happy to help.

How long do I have to sign up for?
At Big Greens Self Storage we offer short and long term contracts.

Do I have to give notice to remove my property/goods?
No, you can access your goods at any time and come and go as you please. If however you no longer require your storage unit, you must give us 14 days notice of the contract of termination.

Please call 01443 410666 for further information

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